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SUBJECT TO DAD TORTURE! *A* ah damn it I couldn’t help it xD

On his way to mercilessly tickle a son and blow raspberries on his belly because that is how you are supposed to parent, isn’t it? Anna?

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Lloyd used Fight…Lloyd used Ruffle Kratos’s Own Hair! ((But I am not adorable D: I am blissfully average *hugs tho*))

Kratos used Smirk. Kratos used Headlock. Lloyd is unable to move. Kratos used Noogie.

What will Lloyd do?

> Fight

> Run

> Cry Uncle (he’s not gonna save you)

> Subject Self to Merciless Dad Torture

> Other?

lloyd-the-barista replied to your post:*jumps on Kratos’s back and gives him a hair ruffle* ((Also I hope you got everything all sorted out, good luck!))

Lloyd used Boop Nose! ((I am not too kind, just kind, so there))

It’s super effective!


Kratos used Smile. Kratos Ruffles Lloyd’s Hair.

What will Lloyd do-?

> Fight

> Run

> Other

*jumps on Kratos's back and gives him a hair ruffle* ((Also I hope you got everything all sorted out, good luck!))


It’s super effective!

Wild Kratos is confused.

Will you -?

> Fight

> Run

> Boop his nose

> Attempt capture

Lion king AU with Aurion family---
─ Anonymous

Oh gosh…. Well, if I was writing it I’d want to put Kratos as Mufasa and Lloyd as Simba because my feelings command it.

But if you wanted it plot accurate then it would be Anna who appears as a light in the clouds with the, ‘Remember who you are!’ Of course, clouds would be obscuring her face and nobody but Lloyd would actually see this.

So that puts the cast list as follows:

Lloyd: Simba

Anna: Mufasa

Kratos: Sarabi (lol)

Yuan: Rafiki

Mithos: Scar

Shenzi: Pronyma

Banzai: Forcystus

Ed: Magnius

Zazu: Raine

Nala: Sheena (not because of shipping just because she’s a better character fit)

Timon: Zelos

Pumbaa: Colette (Instead of digestive trouble she’d just go around accidentally breaking things.)

If you meant for something to be written: drabble to follow.


your lovely mun | "Just Can't Wait To Be King"

So a couple of months ago, 12 of you guys came into the inbox and asked me to sing. And just today I managed to find 20 minutes of alone time in the house to record a quick something.

Both voices are me, done in two takes on my laptop mic. Apologies for bum notes and off timings. Unfortunately my laptop mic won’t record when there’s any other sound than me, so I had to fit it all together separately.

But hey, it’s just a little something for your guys’ amusement.

Also, it’s quite quiet

((Hi everyone,

I’m sorry for the sudden disappearing act (again). I didn’t quite realise how much work I would have to put in to get my masters degree. I can’t promise to be around every night for long enough get replies done, but I’m picking this blog back up for sure.

No way am I letting go of Kratos now ^_^

Thanks for bearing with us.))

“Am I being abducted?”




"No, you are being taken to safety forcibly. Now pick up the pace, I intended to be out of sight by nightfall."

"Hang on a sec, can’t you at least tell me what’s going on?!" Lloyd pleaded to know. Not that it mattered anyway - Kratos had an iron grip on his arm and no intention of letting Lloyd go. Whatever threat was looming over Lloyd, it sure had Kratos in a bind.

Kratos spoke without turning his head, his voice quiet, urgent. “Walk faster and I may consider it. I have only your safety and continued happiness in mind. So do try to be stealthy as we make our escape.



Most of Yuan’s life had been spent gripping at every possible chance to crawl his way through the world. To have the chance to continue with breath filling into his lungs and the sweet taste of delicacies on the tip of his tongue. The will and drive to continue fighting for what he thought was worth it. To allow for every moment to come to fruition for those who couldn’t do it themselves. The days in his life never got easier, but continued to grow in strife and difficulty until that day happened. The day most of problems were gone and life for him wasn’t the same anymore.

It was nice to have no conflict on the ready any longer. To be able to sit back and enjoy the kiss of the sun without the terrible thought of whatever loomed in waiting to gobble him up. No longer having such harsh responsibilities of thousand of lives hanging at the very tip of his fingers. Granted he still had his duties to the World Tree, but the impending doom of its demise was no where close. He knew if he were to die one day, it would continue to thrive under the adoration and care of others. It was a pity how less important his life had become, but he supposed he had outlived his purpose.

It was on days when he felt no important in himself that he sought out the company of others. For distraction, for comfort, or for enjoyment. Though due to his renouncement of seeking company from hookers, he deemed he needed to waste his time on the man that caused him to suffer so.

Of course, when it came to their relationship there always was something new to find out about the other. For as long as they had been together, they never really talked all that much about their pasts or what they preferred. Unless it was blatantly being thrusted into their faces that is. So it came as a surprise when he found Kratos as he was. Yuan was sure to keep quiet, so he could watch for a bit.

Tucked away along the side of the area, he watched bemusedly as Kratos fought against non-existent foes in what tattered clothes he decided to clothe himself in. Whatsmore he was dancing around without any shoes on. Yuan would have found it odd for a man who prided on good footing would know a man without his shoes didn’t have much to hold onto. It was simply just a minor detail, but because it was a minor detail about Kratos. Yuan knew he had to know. He’d get what he wanted.

He usually did.

If Kratos Aurion was the sort of person who had been born to walk on the side of caution, he might have called his training session at an end. If he had any natural common sense when it came to himself, he probably would have cooled down, taken a break, perhaps eaten some fruit to replenish energy.

But he didn’t.

Granted four thousand years of having great responsibility on his shoulders had taught him to consider how his actions might impact upon others. He had once considered himself a good leader on the battlefield. But as things were, he had considered himself alone. And there was something he still wanted to try.

Rolling his left shoulder, he took a few breaths, waited for his heartbeat to slow. That done, he took another breath, straightened, threw his sword up with his right hand and snatched it from the air with his left.

An experimental strike. Once. Twice. Going through the standard motions, gaining speed, bringing it back up to the level he’d been moving before.

It began to hurt. He did not stop. It began to be clumsy. He gritted his teeth, tried harder. There had been a time once in which he had believed anything was possible within reason, if he put his all to overcoming it. He was no longer so naive. But he was just as determined

Three strikes left, quick succession. Two right. One up then quick strike down. A finishing blow?

His sword was no longer in his hand, skidded to a stop by the tree line. His head turned with it. He slipped, but did not fall. There was no real enemy. There was no need to continue. He dropped to his knees, breathing hard, leant there a moment without moving and then let himself fall to the side.

Dew dampened his face. He rolled to his back, uttered a curse under his breath and lifted an arm up to the sky. He should roll back his sleeves. He should pick up his sword.

For a few minutes longer, he wouldn’t bother.