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For One Night Only and Impending Semi-Hiatus


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What do you hope to achieve in the future?


He was still for a long moment as he thought of an appropriate response. Doubtless, they expected him to come up with something like Lloyd’s collection of Exspheres or Yuan’s protection of the New World Tree. But Kratos’ only wish was something much more vague, something with no clear course of action to be taken.

"A peaceful world for my son. That is all that I strive for in the future. I wish to do what I can in order that my son and those he cares for may live in peace, without the struggles of these past four thousand years. I wish that he may be able to attain the happiness that was not possible for his mother, that he may see her dream come to fruition."

"Mind if I sleep here tonight?"


Lloyd’s arrival surprised his father. He’d been staying at the inn of Flanoir, standing at the window and watching the snow tumble past his nose. He had no acquaintances living in the city, none who knew his current location in any case.

To receive a visit at all would have been a surprise, but taking in the look on Lloyd’s face, listening to the words that came from his mouth almost to excuse his arrival, that surprised Kratos more.

Without hesitation, he opened the door to the room wide, gesturing with one hand into the room.

His expression was soft, his tone gentle. “Of course, Lloyd. Have you dry clothes to change into?”

Lloyd needn’t have asked. There was no way on this world or any other that Kratos would mind his presence. There existed now no plan, no reason to hide, no obstacles that could possibly prevent his doing whatever it was that his son needed.

He could no longer pick the boy up, tuck him into bed and lull him to sleep with a softly worded tale. He could no longer curl himself around his son and stroke his hair to ward the nightmares away.

But he could still be there. He could still watch over him. And if Lloyd needed to stay in his company tonight, then he would surer than fate do whatever it took to ensure he got what he needed.

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Opps, his hand must have slipped. Mimi dumps tomato juice over Kratos' face.


His first instinct is to recoil but it is not enough. He does not react quickly enough and it rolls like diluted blood down the side of his noise. His spine jerks straight like it is a lightning rod. And as though struck, his body jerks. His hands rise and swipes it away, unfrozen again.

He does not say anything, does not go after Mithos, merely rises quickly and rushes away in search of water, his heart fluttering rapidly in his chest.

He will be alright, he tells himself.

It is not like then. It is not like all of those years ago.

He will be fine.

Even so, it feels as though it is beginning, as though his throat is slowly squeezing. His face is on fire.

But it’s all in his head, he tells himself. There is not enough there to do any damage.

Don’t be ridiculous.

((Oh, oh! :D I've always wanted to ask, how did you determine what Kratos' parents were like? And his childhood, besides the fact that you like to think he was a lot like Lloyd?))


((Honestly, it originally came from a fanfiction I wrote a long, looong time ago. And by that, we’re talking April 2010. It wasn’t true to canon because I didn’t know all that much about canon back then. It had Noishe as narrator, for starters (I regret nothing).

From that Kratos’ Dad has always been the same. Nothing about him has changed, not even his name - the same for Kratos’ biological father and the people he interacted with during his time as Knight.

From then onwards, I guess I always had it in my mind that his Knight years were like that and that his childhood followed that rough outline. Certain things have changed - for example, Kratos no longer grew up with siblings and his mother never married, as she had in the original story. But the general story has stayed roughly the same. He’s always grown up in the Gaoracchia forest and moved to Meltokio with his Dad where he became a knight.

The one thing that really has changed is his mother. She’s changed a lot since that first fanfic. Her appearance has changed, but also her past has been fleshed out, so I now know the full story of how she met Kratos’ father and what it cost her. Her story is an interesting one and I’d like to tell it someday.

The two people that Kratos calls his parents are actually two very different people, tied to each other only by Kratos - his dad because he loves him, his mother because she does too, in her own way.

For the rest of it, I don’t know - the pieces have just slowly fitted together in my mind. There are still things I don’t know and there are events that fit themselves in every so often as I’m writing Kratos on here and being asked questions about his past.))

Congratulations! Mr. Kratos Aurion! You earned an extra hour in the ballpit!!! :D
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"A… ball pit?"

Does not compute. 

hey lil mama lemme whisper in ya ear (best way to meet each other right?)




"Nobody is going to harm you."

Kratos spoke the words with sincerity as he looked over his shoulder at the boy. There was never much telling how people would react walking Meltokio’s less… dignified districts on a first visit to the city. Kratos had thought he was able to spot the type, but even some the most assured Sylvaranti fighters who had accompanied him through this place tightened their grips on their weapons, coiled as if ready to snap.

From what he could tell, this boy was not local to Tethe’alla, and besides, it never hurt to be careful.

"Not if you remain close to me and avoid starting unnecessary drama. Come, I will lead you towards the main part of the city."


Reid continued to follow the man, trying his best not to make any involuntary movements as he could see the man’s hand on his sword and was not wanting to test whether he would use it or not. Thus the journey was held by a awkward silence, Reid was unsure why he was fearing this man so much, even the thought of breathing a little too loudly would end badly for him.

'Y-yes i'm fine, t-thank you Sir.' Reid tried to keep eye contact with the man, he could feel his throat beginning to dry up the longer he looked at him while he spoke.

'Y-yes I'll be much more careful next time…' Reid broke the eye contact and looked at the ground in an almost defeated manner.

Kratos expression softened a little at the boy’s stuttering assurance that he was alright. As Kratos saw it, he was clearly shaken by his experience and it would not do to exacerbate that feeling with harsh words.

With an acknowledging nod, he lifted his hand from its typical resting place and rolled his shoulder in its socket.

"Good. I am glad," he replied. "Now where was it that you were intending to go before you wandered into the slums?"