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<- Is unfortunately used to suffering for Mun’s mistakes.

Kratcanons - Old age, Obscurity and Storytelling

So, this is one of the most headcanon-based of these posts, but I was playing through the starts of Symphonia and DotNW for the sake of getting to experience the glorious HD before having to leave it behind for a couple of months when this thought happened - a thought about exactly what happened to Kratos after he left with Derris-Kharlan.

We know that his goal on the comet of doom is to assist the people who became lifeless beings thanks to Cruxis’ reign. However, we also know that he is not alive at the time of Tales of Phantasia. Dhaos knows nothing about him, so we can also assume that he has been gone for quite a long time.

So what happened? Here’s what I think.

I think that Kratos, after having dealt with anything Cruxis left in Welgaia that should not be left to people, helped the Lifeless Beings to come back to themselves and establish a community. I feel that he guided them in finding their own leaders and their own laws.

For a while, I think he remained on call afterwards. He dealt with conflicts that arose as best he could. He dealt with unrest as best he could. He was not their leader, but he remained an adviser long after a suitable governing body had been created.

As the years went on, Kratos gradually pulled back until he no longer appeared where any decisions were made and simply lurked in the background, watching but never acting unless called upon.

He withdrew fully, lived nearby and made sure that the next couple of leaders knew where he was should they require guidance. And as years past and the knowledge of his presence was not needed and faded, Kratos left.

He removed and destroyed his Cruxis Crystal and he moved to the outskirts of a small settlement, where he lived alone and aged until he became an old man.

The narration at the start of the game? That is Kratos on Derris-Kharlan. He lives undisturbed. Nobody knows who he is. He is just an old man who rarely makes the effort to speak with anybody, except when seated on a bench watching the world pass him by, when children come to ask him for stories.

So Kratos tells them stories. He tells them about the Goddess and the Chosen, about Spiritua, about Summon Spirits and heroes. He tells the stories he heard as child and the ones he watched unfold. He tells the best stories.

The ones the children like the most are the ones about the red swordsman. Those are the best stories. But when Kratos tells them, he sometimes just stops and looks through the children not at them, like he’s seeing something else. Sometimes he smiles a little and sometimes he looks sad.

Sometimes the children help him when this happens, by suggesting what could happen next. But Kratos usually stops them.

"Ah, would it not be interesting were that how the tale truly unfolded? But here is the truth to the tale."

Their parents tell them that it’s just fantasy, a load of campfire tales and fairy stories. But Kratos winks and taps his nose.

He tells the best stories because every story he tells is true.

Within a couple of generations, Kratos’ stories are mostly forgotten, but there are still a couple of bedtime stories about a red swordsman performing various heroic acts. Even if they aren’t the true ones.

Kratos Headcanon - Personal Space Edition

I was thinking about this the other day when I was writing something. It’s not like a major thing - just a little headcanon with this particular variant of Kratos.

Kratos kinda emits vibes of ‘leave me be’, which makes you think that he would have a huge bubble of personal space that only he may inhabit. However, that’s not quite true.

He does have a pretty big personal bubble for ordinary people, but he also has a series of barriers and limits for each person that he knows. Closeness and physical contact are not things he’s comfortable with but that doesn’t mean that he is always uncomfortable with it.

I had a think about what those boundaries for each person are, and taking Symphonia characters only, I made a list because there are some interesting ones.

Obviously at the top are Lloyd and Yuan.

Lloyd may occupy Kratos’ personal space and initiate physical contact if he wanted. Kratos wouldn’t pull away. There are a lot of Lloyd blogs here that he has met and the boundaries vary between them. But for the most part, post game, Lloyd can get away with anything (platonic). What varies is how much Kratos feels he can get away with. In certain circumstances, he’ll ruffle the hair of most Lloyds. But he is iffy with initiating physical contact - not because he doesn’t want contact with his son but because he feels like he gave away the right to do things like that when he failed to be Lloyd’s father.

Yuan, like Lloyd, may occupy Kratos personal space and initiate physical contact whenever he wants. It has been far too long - most boundaries have already been breached. It is much too late to protest. But on a more serious note, Yuan is the person at the end of the Symphonia, that Kratos is the closest to. He is immensely important to Kratos, regardless of how much Kratos feels at the immediate close of the game that Yuan must resent and dislike him for how he behaved. As such, there isn’t really ‘personal space’ between them. Kratos may push Yuan away if he is irritating him but it it isn’t usually serious. It doesn’t make him uncomfortable (although he does not like his stomach being touched by anyone). Yuan is the person Kratos is most comfortable around.

Colette kinda surprised me. Kratos is completely comfortable with her being in his personal space. He would not initiate physical contact with her beyond a squeeze of the shoulder, or saving her from slipping. But should she require comfort, he would sit close to her and would attempt to ease her strain with words. If she hugged him, he would feel awkward, but he would not pull away. He would assume that she needed it and would allow her to hold him. If she was upset, he would even place a hand on her back and perhaps stroke her hair. He has a great amount of respect for her and thinks of her very fondly.

Genis is still thought of as childish by Kratos. Although he is a very talented and advanced child, he is not physically developed as far as he is mentally developed and can act childishly. Thus, Genis is can be close to Kratos and he would also put up with being poked or elbowed for attention, as he would from Lloyd. Physical contact is something he would only give to Genis if sorely needed and nobody better is nearby. Exceptions to this rule would be if the boy was injured and unable to walk unaided. Regardless of who else was around, Kratos would carry him because, having a hi-exsphere equipped, he does not tire in the way everyone else would. That goes for any party member.

Raine respects Kratos’ personal space and Kratos respects hers. He knows that she would not touch him unless she felt need for it, and so would find it acceptable.

Sheena is the same. She shows no desire to be near Kratos and he shows none to be near her. It has nothing to do with how much he likes her - he does like her as a person. They simply don’t get close to each other unless completely necessary.

Regal too would not be in Kratos’ personal space and so it is no issue.

Presea is exactly the same. He finds her companionable enough but physical contact is never an issue.

Zelos is a no. Kratos finds any attempt on his personal space or physical contact from Zelos to be highly irritating because Zelos doesn’t seem to have any respect for said barriers. He would never initiate any kind of physical contact with Zelos unless he could tell that Zelos had been sincere. And even then, he would probably be suspicious. It is not out of dislike for Zelos, but because he can tell that Zelos dislikes him for the most part, and also that that sort of thing would be for amusement.

Mithos is not on this list because he has the most variation in character. His boundaries are dependent on the timeline.

"Kratos? I.... I've been thinking... "

Kratos looked up from the book in his hand, his shoulders shifting in Mithos; direction.



"Help! Please, don’t leave me here!"

"I won’t, Lloyd. I promise." He couldn’t keep it from his voice, the urgency, the desperation.

Lloyd’s voice reverberated from crumbling walls. The ground beneath them rumbled, shook. Kratos raised his voice above the din.

"I’m here, Lloyd. I’m getting you out now."

His fingers struggled to find purchase on the rock. If he could just widen the opening at the top, he could climb through, free his son, escape. His fingers bled. He kept reaching, kept pulling, wouldn’t stop even it tore him to pieces.

He couldn’t get to him.

It was tearing him to pieces.

"Don’t worry. You will be alright."

If he could just get a firmer grip… He swore under his breath, bit his lip until the iron tang of blood filled his mouth. His hands were slick. If he could just blast the rocks away - but no, Lloyd was just underneath them.

There wasn’t time. That much was evident. The tunnel would collapse before he could shift these rocks. There was only one thing for it.

"Lloyd, are you able to move away from the blockage?"

Martel was no goddess. If she had been alive and with him, she would have been just as stuck as he was. Kratos had never been religious.

But still he prayed. To the summon spirits, to Martel, to Anna, to anybody who was listening. He prayed that the answer would be yes.

Even if it wasn’t, Kratos would not give up. He would keep this promise. He would not leave his son again.

A forgotten hero fights false salvation
─ Anonymous

a six word story to describe my muse


This gives me feels, thank you.

"From stranger to friend to family." (six word meme)

a six word story to describe my muse

Things he thought he’d never be.



"…I see… of course you are… Well in that case, I suppose you would like the honour of sifting through 4000 years worth of report cards."



It is when he turns the page  his hands shft to reveal the title: The complete book of rocks, metals and minerals. When he isn’t reading for that brief second of page turning, he notices Kratos.


CAUGHT AND EXPOSED. Somehow this feels oddly…uncomfortable to be seen reading, and unfortunately, he glance down at his other thick book besides him that wasn’t one of facts, but a story called the Hunger Games. The look on Kratos’ expression…what does it mean—WILL HE MOCK HIM in the light of Genis or Zelos?! …


His hand sheepishly reaches the back of his auburn hair. Next to the other ones, his hair was a little redder like Kratos’. 

"…Hey? Y’need somethin’ fixed again? Cause uh…" Okay. Breathe. "I’ve picked up on some new metals—-but I probably should stick to what I know a little longer to not mess up anything in practice…" DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS.

Embarrassment. Is that embarrassment that he sees in Lloyd’s posture? Well, that will not do, will not do at all. As Lloyd moved, the title of his book was revealed to Kratos. A respectable read, he thinks. It is wonderful to see his son taking an interest in studying his craft from books.

Unless the material behind the cover is not what the cover indicates… Still, it wouldn’t be the first time he has caught an individual with pornographic material, and he would hope that Lloyd would not be looking at something quite as… mentally scarring as the material he had found in that person’s possession.

"No Lloyd, I do not. I was merely passing by when I saw you so engrossed in your book."

He feels compelled to take a seat beside the boy, assuming a relaxed pose with his hands in his lap. A glance at the page confirms that his fears are not realised, that there are indeed diagrams of rocks and metal in there.

"You are studying?"



I will get Genis to write them down for me as I scream them from my very heart.


The song is all about broken hearts and being abandoned and left behind as your soul bleeds and rots


Totally unrelated.

You cannot always rely on Genis. Genis will take on a career of his own and is unlikely to have time to do your work in addition to his own.


-There were no words. Not once, but twice he had caused this damage. There was nothing he could say to take it back. There was no Anna here to run to.

He had seen to that.-